Company Information

1. Overview

Kepler Corp., a privately-owned company, has grown into a nationally acknowledged construction entity built on a foundation of well-trained, proficient, and dedicated engineers, architects, designers, and personnel. Into its many years of experience, Kepler has built a solid reputation by accomplishing and delivering the high quality works,providing practical and cost-effective solutions on the wide range of demanding and high profile projects to its multi-faceted clientele.

With the specialization in General Contracting, Design & Build Construction Services, Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing (MEP) works, and Project and Construction Management, Kepler has worked with high profile and multi-national companies and is more than willing to undertake new projects as a continuing challenge to the company and its personnel and staff.

At Kepler Corp, we believe our keen passion, affable integrity, and upfront commitment have made us become who we are today and will thus guide us into the future. We strive to be remembered in the communities in which we have helped to build a better tomorrow with our solid work performance, making us a trusted and reliable construction organization today.

2. Mission Statement

To augment itself with disciplined skill acquisition, incessant enhancement, and work efficiency to gratify and exceed each client’s anticipation.

3. Vision
Kepler Corp is not just a construction company. We are a dedicated team striving to bring growth to our community, helping to maintain existing companies and assist our clients in making their dreams become a reality.


Owner : Vietech Vietnam
Location : KCN Hiep Phuoc Nha Be
Investor : Kepler JSC
Contact No : 04/2016/HĐ-Kepler-Gpsteel | Email :
Start Date : 1/12/2016 - End Date : 31/3/2017
Thai Nhat Tan
Owner : Phan Viet JSC
Location : KCN Tan Binh, HCM
Investor : Kepler JSC
Contact No : 07/2016/HĐ/Kepler-PV | Email :
Start Date : 1/10/2016 - End Date : 25/1/2017
Owner : TLK construction
Location : Hiệp Phước, Nhà Bè, HCM
Investor : Phổ Đình
Contact No : 0903364969 | Email :
Start Date : 1/4/2017 - End Date : 31/5/2017
Đại Dũng Xanh
Owner : Kepler
Location : Hiệp Phước, Nhà Bè, HCM
Investor : Đại Dũng Xanh
Contact No : 0903364969 | Email :
Start Date : 1/10/2016 - End Date : 31/5/2017
Heniken Tiền Giang
Owner : An Hưng Construction
Location : Tiền Giang
Investor : Heniken
Contact No : 0903364969 | Email :
Start Date : 1/3/2017 - End Date : 31/7/2017
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